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Consignment Rules

The Real Snob Shop makes consignment easy and currently accepts luxury designer footwear, handbags, and accessories. Some clothing pieces will be considered.

The designer items are reviewed by The Real Snob team and then priced. The prices are confirmed with the consignor and the designer items are then listed on the website.

The consignors get paid mid-month or at the end of each month if their items sold. 


Commission structure:

For items with resale value at $1000 or under the commission split is 50/50.

For items with resale value over $1000 and up to $2000 the commission split is 60/40.

For items with resale value over $2000 the commission split is 70/30. 



The Real Snob Shop only resells AUTHENTIC modern designer items. The products brought in for consignment MUST BE authentic and all damages and marks will be identified and photographed.

*If the item is misrepresented online (hidden damages, different item, etc.), and is not as described upon arrival at the customer's location, the customer is able to receive a refund and the item will be shipped to The Real Snob Shop's Vancouver location as a "returned item". 


We love our consignors and our customers, that is why we want to make sure that only authentic and designer merchandise in like new and lightly-worn condition is sold on our website and we take extra care when authenticating and determining the condition of each item. 

All consignors are subject to the terms and rules under the Sale of Goods Act in Canada. 


This policy is subject to change at any time without notification to consignors or customers. 


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