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The Real Snob Shop FAQ:


  1. How do I contact The Real Snob? - Please visit our Contact page.
  2. Do you ship Internationally? - The Real Snob, at this time, only ships to Canada and USA.
  3. How long would it take to receive my item? - Maximum 7 days (unless you are in a location with limited access)
  4. Are your items authentic? - Yes, 100%. All of our items are carefully inspected for authenticity and we hold our consignors liable for providing correct information.
  5. Do you accept returns? - No, unless the item arrives damaged or absolutely not as described.
  6. What brands do you take for consignment? - Designer brands only, no fast fashions. For details on specific items please contact The Real Snob Shop team.
  7. Which level of wear do you take for consignment? - Lightly worn, like new, or new. We do not take in very well worn merchandise, unless vintage or rare. 
  8. What condition are the items in? - The condition of the item is always stated in the listing, either new, like new, or lightly worn condition.
  9. The item I received was misrepresented in the listing. - Please refer to our Return Policy guidelines.
  10. I love my item, can I leave feedback? - Absolutely, we love to hear feedback from our customers. There is an option to leave feedback on the product page.
  11. Do you accept consignment outside of B.C.? - Yes, we accept consignment from anywhere, the consignor is responsible for shipping the items to us.
  12. What are your shipping rates? - Please refer to our Shipping Rules page, we offer flat rate shipping throughout Canada and USA. 
  13. I bought an item but I don't know what to wear it with. - Please contact us at contact@therealsnob.com for styling tips.
  14. How do I take care of my newly purchased designer item? - Please send us an email at contact@therealsnob.com and we will forward you instructions on how to care for your luxury item.
  15. Do you giftwrap? - At the moment we do not have an option of giftwrapping items.
  16. Can I send a purchased item to a different address from my billing address? - Yes, just type in the shipping address at check out.
  17. What method of payment do you accept? - Currently we accept payments through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to pay with a credit card, however you would need a PayPal account if you would like to pay with Interac Debit card. In rare cases we will consider other methods of payment, please contact us for details.

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